Let’s face it! Tree service is not something we want to promote or advertise just to make a buck, as trees serve as a crucial part of our ecosystem.

 But, sometimes in order to keep trees healthy, tree removal is a necessary part of arboriculture and we accomplish this in the most professional, safe and tree-loving way!  Tree removal may also be the best alternative for landscapers and homeowners, depending on what the situation is. 

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Let’s face it! Tree removal is not something we want to promote or advertise just to make a buck, as trees serve as a crucial part of our ecosystem.

 But, sometimes in order to keep trees healthy, tree removal is a necessary part of arboriculture and we accomplish this in the most professional, safe and tree-loving way!  Tree removal may also be the best alternative for landscapers and homeowners, depending on what the situation is.

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Bellingham Trees Tree Service in Bellingham WA Offers The Best Prices in Washington

Hello and thank you for looking our website. We are Bellingham Trees tree service in Bellingham and we’re here to offer you the best arborists and tree maintenance services in the Bellingham area! We guarantee a professional professional service and our team is filled with the most experienced licensed arborists in the Bellingham area. All our workers are dedicated, motivated professionals that will offer you the utmost courtesy and answer any questions that you might have about our tree services. We are happy to be able to provide the Bellingham area with a wide array of tree-related services, including but not limited to: tree topping, general care and pruning, hedge and bush trimming, tree trimming, and both stump and complete tree removal. We are also pleased to offer 24/7 tree emergency services, as we understand that sometimes there are tree-related issues that you may deal with at any hour, day or night. We guarantee not only the best and most professional arborists to take deal with any service you need, but also the absolute best and most affordable prices to ensure complete satisfaction in all areas when working with our tree service company.

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​Tree Service Bellingham Offers A Wide Range Of Services!

Although we complete plenty of tree removals for customers who feel that is the best or only option, here at Tree Service Bellingham we enjoy nature and love to see it preserved as much as possible whenever possible. We are proud to provide both tree cabling and bracing services in addition to completing removals and maintenance. We have top quality materials including steel cables that can protect your tree and the branches from wild weather conditions and ensure that it stays standing and intact. Our experienced arborists will assess the problem and then determine which parts need to be removed and get to work bracing them. This eliminates the risk of your tree branches being removed and potentially causing damage on your property. Using our professionals to fortify your tree is the best way to make sure that it remains healthy and stays standing for years to come, even in the face of crazy conditions. Bellingham Tree Removal offers multiple tree services, if think of any questions about tree fortification, or if you need your tree examined by our professional arborists, please call us today!


As you’re probably aware, taking care of your trees is of extreme importance. Any trees that may be unhealthy or not appropriately maintained can easily become safety hazards for your home, yourself and everyone around you. Eliminate the risk of someone getting injured, constantly make sure your trees are fully services and in the best health. If you are unaware of how a tree is fairing and you think it may need some care, it’s always a safe bet to have it inspected by a professional arborist in case it needs some attention and or care. ​

Affordable, Friendly, And Quality Tree Service In Bellingham, WA

Fallen tree and emergency tree removal service Bellingham, WA

In addition to offering complete tree removal, we’re also specialists in the stump removal. Tree stump removal can sometimes prove to be a tough task as big stumps that should be ground down often need extensive amounts of man-power and uniqiue equipment that most people don’t have access to. The easiest way of taking care of an unwanted tree stump is to simply bring in the professionals at Tree removal Bellingham All our arborists have the dedication and experience required to properly deal with all tree stumps that are in your way. We guarantee that we will solve any tree stump problem both efficiently, and for the best prices in Bellingham. Contact us today for your stump removal, or any one of our services, with a free quote. ​

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Although trees are our specialty, Tree removal Bellingham can also offer you with trimming and maintenance services for small forms of plants. Our hedge trimming services are guaranteed to give your yard the best looks on the block. In addition to the visually pleasing effect, properly maintaining your hedges and bushes is also just as important for the health of your plant, as removing any damaged or dead sections of your plant creates a new healthy growth that will maintain top condition and looking amazing. All of our professional arborists know exactly how to take care of any plant life that may be located in your garden or yard and will make sure that you are completely satisfied with every part of the work that we perform. If you need any plant maintenance services in Bellingham or the surrounding area, call us today for the best rates available!




Tree Reduction Can Be Crucial, We Specialize In It.

Another service that we offer in addition to our tree removal service is tree reduction. Tree reduction becomes necessary when a tree has outgrown the area that it was originally meant to live. Often it is best to take care of this as soon as you see the issue, because the longer duration the tree is left to grow the bigger the problem it becomes and taking care of it in the future becomes much more difficult. Also, keeping a tree well maintained is needed to avoid any potential safety hazards that will happen with overgrowth. Sometimes the easiest way to trim a tree in the winter is when all the branches are the most available, but for some trees, most commonly ones that produce fruit, it can be ideal to trim them during the summer time when the healing occurs the quickest. Our experienced and professional local arborists will give you any information about your tree that you must have to decide when to have it trimmed. ​


You Are the Focus! Tree Service Bellingham WA Cares For You!

If you’re aware that you need to have a tree removed in the Bellingham, WA area, or tree pruning, trimming and then you stumbled across the best website. Our tree removal service is the most reliable and guaranteed to complete any service. We are always ready to be brought into the action as soon as you need us. Regardless the size of the tree you need removed, we’re sure that our team of qualified and experienced tree care professionals will be able to take care of it with no issues. We can remove any sized tree for you from any sized area all around Bellingham WA. All our amazing professional arborists have plenty of experience in various types of tree removal which tells you we are happy to be able to offer tree removal and any related tree services to all areas including commercial, residential, industrial and anywhere you can ponder on. Even if you don’t need a complete tree removed but you have branches or any piece of your tree creating a problem we will arrive and have that taken care of in lightning time. We have all the industry certified equipment necessary to remove any kind of fallen tree or things like wood debris. We use the best quality professional grade wood-chippers with all of our tree removal services, and our bonus is we can even offer you with the mulch that is produced after chipping the wood if you would like it. Lots of our customers like the mulch for use in their garden for another landscaping project, but if you don’t require it we will simply take it all away for you. At Tree Removal Bellingham WA, we completely understand not only the processes required to remove and take care of trees, but also the regulations and rules that can often come into play when completing this type of work. We will gladly educate all of our customers on the permits that possibly are required including any potential liability issues. We will always do everything necessary in order to take care of all of our clients fully. ​

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